Jtown Hot Yoga 200hr Teacher Training

Jtown Hot Yoga 200hr Teacher Training

Spring 2018

Registered Yoga Alliance 200hr teacher training. Two styles, one unique training. The first of its kind.


Fully immersive, transformational teacher training. Learn from the best on your journey to become a Yoga Alliance certified, cross skilled, confident and inspiring yoga teacher.


Why Jtown teacher training?

At this training we will give you all the effective tools and skills you need in a clear and concise manner to become a confident, proficient and knowledgeable yoga teacher. This is a unique opportunity to learn from experienced, teachers that have been teaching this healing and empowering yoga collectively for over 60 years.


Jtown trainees will receive:

  • 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certification through Jtown Hot Yoga.
  • Knowledge to confidently lead the 26/2 Hot Hatha yoga and Vimana Fusion class, 3 sequences total, and be able to teach 60, 75, and 90 minute version of each class, and ability to creatively and intelligently sequence a myriad of Fusion style classes as you continue to grow as teachers and students
  • Jtown Asana Cueing Manual, Dialogue for the mind and body
  • Cuing instructions
  • Resume builder
  • Free classes at Jtown during the duration of the training
  • Free mat and towel rentals
  • Access to private Jtown Teachers page, growing community of teachers where ideas are shared and developed
  • Access to private Vimana Yoga Teachers Page to share ideas and build community.
  • Yoga alliance directory and support.
  • If doing the Fusion only 50 hours module, you will receive a certificate of completion from Vimana Yoga for fifty hours; Credit toward Vimana Yoga 200 hour certification. Or apply it to continuing education courses to maintain your Yoga Alliance credentials.
  • Opportunity to teach mock classes will be set up after the training for trainees to meet and support one another as they practice what they have learned


Location: Jtown Hot Yoga 409 Old York Road Jenkintown Pa 19046
Email for more info@jtownhotyoga.com
Call 215-478-1701

Dates and Pricing



March 2  Evening only 6pm-10pm

March 3rd 8am-9pm

March 4th 9am-8pm


March 10th  8am-9pm

March  11th  9am-8pm


March 17th 8am-9pm

March 18th  9am-8pm


March 24th 8am-9pm

March 25th  9am-8pm


Easter Break No Class


April 7th 8am-9pm

April 8th 9am-8pm


APRIL 12th-16th  8am-9pm


Fusion Immersion 50 hrs with lead Trainer Emily Longfellow:  


Break No Class


April 28th 8am-9pm

April 29th 9am-8pm


Class Participation requirement:

Students must take a minimum of 3, 26/2 Hatha yoga classes per week during the training, in addition to your weekend classes, trainees must take a minimum of 5, 26/2 Hatha yoga classes the weeks with no weekend trainings.  Any classes taken at Jtown Hot Yoga are included in your tuition. Total classes outside training weekends, 28 only 5 of the classes can be express or music classes.


Full 200 hr training:

Early bird pricing (before January 31st) $3295

Regular Price: $3595


Module Options: Already a 26/2 teacher looking to teach for Jtown or simply refresh and develop as a teacher? Teach Vinyasa but wish to stop up your skills and knowledge?


26/2 Module: 150 hours  $1995

Fusion Module: 50 hours $800  


Email info@jtownhotyoga.com to see if you qualify for one of these options above or to see which module is right for you.

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About This Training

With this training you will complete a 200 hr Yoga Alliance certified and emerge equipped to lead the Ghosh lineage style of the 26/2 beginners Hatha yoga class and Fusion, a dynamic practice that incorporates both Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and elements of Para and Forrest yoga.

You will learn 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, detailed study of alignment, and specific cuing to lead excellent and detailed 90 minute and 60 minute express 26/2 Hatha yoga classes.


You will then be immersed in a 50 hour Vimana Fusion training. Fusion will tie together the familiar 26/2 class with a dynamic and engaging style of teaching that incorporates smart flow, sequencing and elements of multiple styles of yoga practices.


You will walk away with the tools to confidently teach 4 set classes in two different styles of Yoga and be able to approach both Hatha and Vinyasa based studios to teach different levels of practitioners.

You Will Learn

An in depth understanding of the 26/2 Hatha Yoga class, as developed under the tutelage of Bishnu Ghosh, the style itself, purpose, benefits, etiquette, what sets it apart and how to grow exponentially as a teacher and a student within the parameters of the 26/2 class structure itself. You will be ready and able to lead the 26 postures effectively, efficiently, and instill in your students an appreciation for the yoga and a curiosity and desire to keep coming back.


To teach an engaging Fusion class, completing the training with two set sequences and the ability to create and intelligently sequence classes, utilizing the 5 pillars of Fusion; Pranayama, Asana, Theme, Meditation and Savasana. You will be able to provide a class experience that is safe, effective, fun, and challenging, curtailing the experience for unique and different groups of students, able to teach all levels.


Yoga Anatomy and kinesiology

(20-hour course content).


This course reviews the structure of the human body (anatomy) and the movement of that body through space (Kinesiology). The course will focus on both anatomy and kinesiology in relation to asana practice and teaching.


Through the process of understanding the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system, in conjunction with the neurological system and facial networks, Yoga teacher trainees will gain the skills needed to become a more efficient and effective practitioner and teacher.


The main focus of the class will be on macro anatomy, we will touch briefly on structure and function (physiology) of other body systems such as respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, immune, lymphatic, endocrine and how they are influenced with asana practice. There are also discussions on subtle anatomy and yoga energetics influenced through the chakras, bandhas and Prana Vayus. Structural issues and limitations will be discussed and suggestions for modification for specific structural issues will be covered.




Philosophical lectures on yogic texts such as the Bhagavad Gita,  Mahabharata,  Hatha Pradipika, and more, the history of yoga and the Ghosh Lineage,  yoga ethics in regards to the yamas and niyamas, Ayurvedic nutrition and medicine, the chakras and kundalini energies, including the seven major chakras, the nadis, and the path of kundalini as it relates to the human anatomy and meridians. The pranic body: koshas, gunas, doshas, chakras, and prana vayus. Integrating Physical, Mental, Emotional (Hormonal), and Spiritual Aspects into every class


Business of Yoga


Methodology in finding and securing steady work, how to become an asset to studios, working to be a linchpin of the organization, the importance of mentorship, practice and continuing studies and how to set a path of continual learning


Goal setting


How to set yourself up for success and growth as both a yoga teacher and  student, finding your path, transitions, transformation and how to adapt on your way forward, to advance your understanding of yoga in your own body and mind.


Techniques, Training, Practice and Methodology


  • Cuing: how to cue, why to cue, when to cue, helping your students to get the most out of their practice
  • Postures, Benefits, and Correct Alignment
  • History of Yoga and the Ghosh Lineage
  • 100 + Yoga and Fusion Postures
  • Teaching Fundamentals, Class Sequencing and Flow
  • Hands On Teaching Practice
  • How to Use Blocks and props
  • Pranayama Exercises (Breathing and Kriya)
  • How to use Music,Theme, and Intention to create the ambiance for an outstanding class
  • Student Assessment / Modifications / Injuries
  • Core Strength Training Methods
  • Warm-up Asanas, Building Postures, Apex, and Finishing Class
  • Several Asymmetrical Techniques to Create Balance and Symmetry
  • Dynamic Movement with Breath
  • Meditation Exercises Based on Yoga Scriptures and healing
  • Voice techniques for yoga teachers
  • Breathing, “support,” and sound: Vocal anatomy
  • Chakras and their role in healthy voice production
  • Yoga Voice® Vocal Vinyasa™ Practice (energetic vocal toning in a yoga postures sequence)
  • Working with Performance Anxiety
  • Energetics and dynamics of personality and energy
  • How to “See” Bodies: being in tune with subtle movement and engagement of muscle and anatomy, effort and engagement of the students

Team Leads

Joel Pier

Joel Pier will be leading several posture clinics for the 26/2 portion of the training, giving philosophical lectures and experiences, and teaching several Master Classes. Don’t miss this opportunity to study under Joel who has been a yoga practitioner for over 37 years and teaching for 22.

More About Joel

Joel has spent 14 years abroad strengthening his practice by studying different forms of yoga and martial arts in India and Asia. A naturally gifted yoga instructor, Joel has earned a reputation as one of the best teachers in the Philadelphia area, often being mentioned in editorial features on yoga. Last year he was voted best Yoga Instructor in Philadelphia by Philly Current Magazine. His endearing nature, teaching finesse, extreme patience, outward encouragement, and tendency to interject into class humorous metaphors from Eastern philosophy have created Joel’s hallmark teaching style that attracts students from near and far.

Joel graduated from one of the first intensive Bikram’s first yoga teacher training programs offered by Bikram Choudhury, founder of Bikram’s Yoga College of India. As a certified teacher of Bikram’s yoga otherwise known as 26/2, Joel decided to passionately pursue his dream of educating students in the advantages of Bikram’s yoga and in the implicitly philosophical aspects of the exercise. Joel’s dream became a reality when he opened the first Bikram’s yoga studio in Center City Philadelphia. Since then, he has continued to use his expertise to teach Bikram’s yoga and simultaneously improve the strength, stamina, and flexibility of a devoted student following.

Joel has an in-depth knowledge of Indian culture and beliefs. Joel is excited to share his  knowledge of the Baghdad Gita, and other yogic, texts and philosophies in one of our many lectures scheduled at our training.

Emily Longfellow is spearheading our Fusion immersion.  The co creator of Vimana Yoga and the Fusion class itself is here to inspire and lead a dynamic and fascinating training into this intelligent, alignment based practice.

More About Emily

Emily Longfellow is the co-founder of Vimana Yoga and the owner of The Vimana House in Basalt, Colorado. She started teaching yoga in 1996 after taking the fourth 500 hour yoga teacher training from the Yoga College of India. With her partner she opened the first yoga studios in Aspen, Basalt, and Glenwood Springs Colorado. She’s always believed that the best teacher is also the best student, so she has immersed herself in the healing arts for the past twenty years. She has been studying and practicing Kriya yoga since 1996, the classic 84 advanced class since 1997, and holds numerous certificates from the Yoga college of India for her dedication to that training. Yoga Nidra has been a steady part of her life since 1998, where she was introduced to many swami’s; subsequently this inspired her to start attending sweat lodges, women’s circles and exploring healing through community. She holds certificates in Craniosacral and Massage Therapy, and was more recently certified in Synergy Partner Stretching in 2010. Emily is a 200 hour E-RYT and is also completed her 500 hours of certification with Yoga Alliance through Para Yoga. She’s taught at Wanderlust, One Fire Festival, and Lead with Love Yoga festival; as well as being featured in ORIGIN magazine, and is in the book a Pregnancy Guide to Yoga where she shares her journey through yoga to motherhood. She models and is in an upcoming movie about yoga and teacher trainings, as well as making regular appearances on local TV shows, and has sat on many panels with other top professionals to discuss health, yoga, and pregnancy. Her classes are an amalgamation of all of her training and the time she’s spent studying, and assisting her current teacher Yogarupa/Rod Stryker; as well as her passion for therapeutic hot yoga. She’s taught at Bikram’s teacher trainings and posture clinics from 2000 to 2011. She’s studied at the Sivananda Ashram, and with Dharma Mittra, and enjoys the connection between this lineage and our Ghosh Lineage. She recently assisted at the first 84 teacher training – and contributed to the curriculum. She currently offers a 200 hour Vimana training once a year, as well as 50 hour Pocket trainings around the country and in Canada. Even though she retired from Yoga competition in 2013 after earning multiple medals nationally and Internationally, the time had come for her to put her focus into her children and teacher trainings. Sharing her knowledge with future generations has inspired her to teach yoga in the public school system which she’s been doing steadily for the past five years. She teaches yoga as a tool to reduce stress, and isolate the problems that arise in adolescence – supporting these young adults as they navigate life’s challenges and move into adulthood. She has experienced first hand the amazing potential, and healing benefits of a regular yoga practice through the challenges she’s overcome in her own life. This life changing work has further solidified her belief in the mind body connection, and her faith in hot yoga has never been stronger. When she teaches she creates space for you in your practice to have that same connection, and make the necessary adjustments that will help you to realize your potential, on and off the mat. She is thrilled to be able to share her passion for the 26 & 2 practice and Vimana Fusion with all of you.

Emily Longfellow

Kyle Ferguson

Kyle Ferguson, will be leading posture clinics, alignment based lectures and training in techniques and practice, philosophy lectures and more

More About Kyle

Kyle Ferguson, will be leading posture clinics, alignment based lectures and training in techniques and practice, philosophy lectures and more.


Kyle is the author of The Renegade Dialogue, a project that synthesizes the traditional dialogue-based approach of Bikram Yoga with the extensive wisdom of the greater Yoga community. From 2011 to 2015 he served as owner and director of Bikram Yoga University City/Karma Studios in Philadelphia. In 2016 Kyle created and directed the Yoga and Mindfulness program for young men and boys at Camp Dudley in Westport, NY. He is a graduate of The College of William and Mary in Virginia, pit bull enthusiast, burrito aficionado, and avid movie fan. One time, he accidentally blocked Posh Spice from entering an elevator, to both of their confusion.


He currently leads Ghosh 26/2, Hatha, Fusion, Yin, as well as Yoga Nidra workshops and alignment clinics.

Kyle discovered yoga when he was adrift in the world. In Autumn, 2010 he was depressed, overweight, and directionless when his brother, Schuyler, introduced him to Bikram Yoga. Kyle was immediately hooked, and in a matter of months he had changed his diet, quit smoking, lost 35 pounds, and rediscovered a sense of purpose in life. Less than a year after his first Bikram class, he was a certified Bikram teacher. In the following years, he remained passionate to learn and continued exploring the broad world of Yoga in whatever capacity he could.


Through thousands of hours of classroom experience, dedicated study of Eastern philosophy and modern physical science, plus a whole lot of sweat, Kyle has developed a teaching style all his own. He focuses primarily on healthy alignment and energetic harmony in class, with the belief that a well-aligned body is a healthy body. In class, Kyle presents both the scientific and the philosophical with a sense of humor and joy. He likes to make lots of jokes, because he finds himself hilarious.


Kyle believes the study of Yoga is nothing special, just like personal study, contemplation, and meditation are nothing special. To those who want to live with a sense of harmony and compassion, however, Yoga is tremendously effective. Through our practice we learn to embrace life as it is; beautiful, vibrant, and infinitely paradoxical. It is his mission in life to spread this radiant practice and all of its benefits to his fellow humans all over this wild, wonderful world.

Debbie Vojik, Owner, of Baltimore Hot Yoga and Wellness

RYT-500, Certified Yoga Therapist, YACEP

M.S. Yoga Therapy, Maryland University of Integrative Health will be leading our Anatomy and Physiology course.

More About Debbie

Debbie Vojik is a life-long Baltimore resident. She studied nursing at The University of Maryland at Baltimore, and has been a practicing nurse since 1993. Her clinical specialty is Neonatal/Pediatric Intensive care, with intensive work at all levels of ICU care. Debbie began practicing yoga consistently in 1999.


She took her first hot yoga class on August 28, 2005 and was immediately sold on the practice. She signed up for the intro week special and attended class everyday that week. She was astounded  by the physical changes, internal and external, that were occurring and wanted to be able to share this with as many people as possible. She saw the potential benefits as endless in a population where we tend to be more reactive than proactive.


By the end of the first month doing this yoga she knew she needed to teach this transforming practice. After graduating from teacher training in 2006, she began teaching part time, while continuing her full time job as a registered nurse in the insurance industry.


Teaching yoga provided Debbie with a way to give back to the world. She felt the need to contribute to the wellbeing of humanity and she knew that teaching this yoga would be her vehicle. Over the past nine years of teaching this transforming practice she has noticed so many changes in those she teaches, as well as herself. She is truly happy when she is sharing this practice with others and is able to help them to see the possibilities the practice avails, and ultimately to achieve their individual optimum well being, be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.


After years of teaching for others, she felt ready to embark on the adventure of being a studio owner and director, and opened Baltimore Hot Yoga & Wellness (formerly Bikram Yoga Mid Atlantic) in 2012.


Debbie continues her commitment to growing as a teacher and building community. Since opening BY, Debbie received her Masters in Yoga Therapy from Maryland University of Integrative Health and was Certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Debbie is also a continuing education provider through yoga alliance (YACEP) and offers monthly workshops on a variety of topics at the studio.


In her spare time Debbie enjoys spending time with her husband Doug, gardening, and playing with her dogs Phoebe, Phelps, and Oliver.

Debbie Vojik

Stephanie Weinstein

Stephanie Weinstein.  Stephanie will lead and support throughout all areas of the training including but not limited to, Techniques, Training and Practice (TTP), Teaching Methodology (TM), Yoga Philosophy/LifeStyle Ethics (YPLE), Practicum.

More About Stephanie

500 Bikram Yoga Training 2014, Yin training with Corina Benner Oct 2016, Vimana Training with Bel and Emily Carpenter December 2016, Studio Owner/Director October 2015-Present Stephanie has taught over 2000 hours of yoga and fitness classes in the last 3 years alone, including but not limited to 26/2 (Bikram), Hatha, Fusion, Yin, Vinyasa, Inferno Hot Pilates and Sculpt.


Stephanie Weinstein has opened and operated two successful and thriving yoga schools since 2015. Having taught over 2000 hours, in a range of Ghosh Lineage Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Pilates  fitness style classes, she is well versed in body mechanics, energetics, alignment and has a diverse knowledge of yoga methodology. She has studied alignment with Ida Jo and Scott Lamps from the Ghosh lineage of Hatha Yoga, and Kyle Ferguson who teaches alignment composed of teachings from Anusara and Richard Freeman, has studied Yin with Corina Benner who studied directly with Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley. She has also trained and studied with Bel and Emily Carpenter creators of Vimana Yoga.


Stephanie leads exemplary classes that focus on alignment, breath, and mindfulness, providing specific and consistent cuing for any level of practitioner, capable of bridging the gap between beginner and advanced practitioners. Through her extensive teaching experience Stephanie has developed a very keen eye for watching and understanding bodies, emotions, and different personality types in an effective and highly competent way in which all people who pass through her class feel challenged, supported and accomplished in their experience on their mat that day. Stephanie has not only taught over 2000 hours, she has overseen the running of two studios, and is well versed and experienced in all facets of yoga lifestyle. Stephanie practices what she preaches and is in on her mat 5 times a week minimum for her own practice as it is the 26/2 Hatha Yoga class that enabled her to heal from high blood pressure, and anxiety and change her life and health around.


She is dedicated to her staff, instructors, and students in an effort to bring yoga into the lives of all who seek it and walk through the doors of Jtown Hot Yoga. In teaching all the above styles of yoga and the thousands of people of different ages, sizes and capabilities, Stephanie has used her knowledge of pranayama, meditation, asana, energetics, alignment, cuing and intelligent sequencing to lead people effectively onto or through a journey down a path to a healthy and thriving yoga practice, receiving maximum benefits for a healthy and mindful lifestyle. She is eager to now share her knowledge and experience with future teachers. She has been the director and owner operator of Jtown Hot Yoga and has overseen, hiring, training instructors in client relationships, and quality customer service utilizing strong business ethics, policies and procedures in order to maintain the highest level of quality customer experience and safety.  She is excited to train teachers that will only be an asset and linchpin for any studio they contribute to as a community member, teacher or student but will set a high standard of excellence in teaching and studio stewardship for all who follow.


When Stephanie is not on a yoga mat she can be found spending quality time with her wife Fi, and her three sons, Nicholas, Lucas, and Mac.


*Deposit of $850 to reserve your spot, must receive full payment in order to get your dialogue, reading list and syllabus. It is HIGHLY advised that you begin memorization as soon as possible and have the dialogue memorized before training begins to receive optimal opportunity to absorb your training.


*Early Price Discount applies to payments received in full before February 1st 2018.


*All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason.


*Once accepted you will be emailed a link to sign up and reserve your spot.


*No Hidden Fees


*Prices are all-inclusive. There are no hidden fees or extras before or after arrival. All materials are included.


*Easy Payment Options, You can pay with any major credit card, or via bank transfer, or cashier’s check


*Accommodation in and around Jenkintown Pa can be found by contacting our Training coordinator for placement/housing/hotel assistance: info@jtownhotyoga.com


*Tax deduction?  Check with your local tax advisor. In most jurisdictions, you can deduct professional yoga training as a business expense which results in a considerably lower course cost. If you need an official tax invoice, just ask. We’re happy to help!


Refund Policy


All payments are non-refundable for any reason, no exceptions. Under no circumstance does payment ensure certification. All certifications are merit-based only. We do not sell certifications. Completion of training and certification does not guarantee employment.