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Jtown’s Covid Protocols & Account Questions

Signing up for class

Please use the website or the Mindbody app to reserve your spot in class. Class schedule will be available to sign up one week ahead.

No show/ Cancellation fees, are currently in effect due to limited capacity we strongly encourage you to sign up in advance if you plan on attending class but must cancel no later than 2 hours before class if you plan on attending.

As of Friday February 11th, masks in the lobby are optional.

We are asking students and staff to please not come if you are sick, or have been in close contact with someone who has had confirmed or suspected Covid-19, and encouraged to follow the CDC guidelines

The studio will open only 15 mins before the class starts, to minimize mingling, and maximize our cleaning time.

What are you doing to keep the studios clean?

Our studios are already super clean, but we have stepped up our game even more!

New high tech equipment! UV wands, lamps for all hot rooms. 

UV lamps will be running in each hotroom, inbetween classes.

In addition, Hydroxyl generators have been added to all our HVAC systems keeping the air filtered and purified.

Additional cleaning crew to clean in between classes.

Utilizing FDA approved disinfectant 

New hand sanitizing stations in all studios.

Use of UV mat sterilization machines:

What is Matsana?

We have new specialised UV mat cleaning machines in all studios! After every use, rental mats will be sanitized and run through the machine.


Why are our Manduka mats so great?

Manduka mats are an ultra-dense and spacious performance yoga mat that has unmatched comfort and cushioning. Closed-cell surfaces keep moisture and sweat from seeping into the mat and breeding bacteria (ideal for hot yoga).

Showers available 

We ask that students with underlying medical conditions strongly consider refraining from practicing, until two weeks after getting their second dose of a vaccine to lower their risk of exposure. Conditions that may increase the risk of severe illness from COVID-19 for individuals of any age:

People 65 years and older

People with chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma 

People who have serious heart conditions

People who are immunocompromised. Many conditions can cause a person to be immunocompromised, including cancer treatment, smoking, bone marrow or organ transplantation, immune deficiencies, poorly controlled HIV or AIDS, and prolonged use of corticosteroids and other immune weakening medications.

People with severe obesity (body mass index [BMI] of 40 or higher) 

People with diabetes. People with chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis and people with liver disease.

Woman who are pregnant


Who is Jtown?

Jtown is a small business founded, operated and owned  by  two women who had their lives transformed simply through the dedicated and consistent practice of 26/2  Hot Hatha Yoga.  Fi and Stepanie met in Thailand in 2014. Opening the Jenkintown location in 2015 and since, taken on two other studios on life support and brought them back to life.  It’s been our vision and mission to follow our passion for what the Jtown system of classes can do for others.   With the help of  blood, sweat, tears, and awesome team members, it has been a  labor of love ever since to build these communities, offering life changing wellness & fitness experiences. Through the offerings at the studio, you can find your own transformations, in health, gaining strength, flexibility, stress relief, not only in the body but mind and spirit Our system of classes are designed to rebuild, refresh and reorganize total mind/body health, inside out, bones to skin.  To learn more about Stephanie and Fi’s journey back to health check out their bios in   Meet The Team 

What is the Jtown Vision?

 To curate impactful and positive transformation for society through movement and mindfulness

What is our Mission?

Jtown’s mission is to be contagious, courageous, and bold, putting our students first above all else. Ensuring that we hold space for a diverse student population, with open hearts and clear intentions. Creating wellness and building strength, flexibility and community. We build peaceful warriors.  We strive to maintain a 5 star reputation for authentic athletic experiences, based on the tenets of yoga that foster community, healthy habits, assisting you in curating a lifestyle that enables you to live your best life.

How do we do it?

We hire great talent, from instructors to support staff, all Jtown employees are AMAZING, dedicated, intelligent, passionate and present! Our staff gives 110% to ensure we are leaders in facilitating experiences that transform and please the mind, body and  soul.  We invest in training and continuing education for staff, always increasing skills and knowledge. We instruct in a way that assists in  students being  accountable to their growth. Jtown provides a clean space and a community that is vibrant and funny, with classes that are challenging to all fitness levels and body types. All you have to do is be committed to the fact your health is not a luxury, it’s a priority. Now, let’s have some fun, dig in, tune on and enjoy the ride.

Is there studio etiquette I need to follow?

Often we are asked. “I want to excel as a student and improve the experience of myself and others. How can I do that?   Student Etiquette

Why Chose Jtown?

Jtown isn’t about trying to do a fancy handstand (all though it is fun) or put your foot behind your head, hell no! We are about curating classes that give optimal range of motion in the body, with classes, that work all the human systems, (respiratory, nervous, skeletal, circulatory, digestive, endocrine integumentary, immune, muscular,  renal, reproductive) Get a tad more info on these systems HERE  We are about health, wellness, inspiration, and motivation, here to make sure you get results. 

With 100% confidence, you can be assured that practicing @Jtown will ensure the following.

You will be safe, and practice in a clean, beautiful studio, with excellent instruction  and consistent service. 

Most people never realize how good they are supposed to feel, now you can, and will. 

You are going to work hard, be challenged in a way that feeds you, not depletes you.

You are going to heal. Check out the benefits of postures from our signature and foundational class 26/2 HERE

You have no idea how good you are supposed to feel.

It won’t ever be easy, you will simply continue to adapt and improve. 

The results from regular classes practiced at Jtown are real. Every person in our studio has different needs and goals, all are achievable.  Reach out to What’s my RX  to see how we can assist you with your specific concerns, goals, and results.  

We believe that we are a diverse community, all coming together in a place that is so much more than just a studio or gym, for most it’s a sanctuary, that challenges, that laughs, that pushes us to adapt and improve.


What is the fascination with the 26/2 class?

Becuase you have no idea how good you are supposed to feel, in your body and in your life and a dedicated practice to this class can light the way. Things just get better, the more you practce, the more things shift, as if it’s magic.

Why are the HIIT Core & Cardio classes so effective?

Why should I practice Yin?

Yin is wonderful! In contrast to the more “yang”, heated practises, Yin gives you an opportunity to slow down and completely release all the tension you’ve been carrying around. Done mostly on the floor, we hold postures from 3-5 minutes, with a focus on sinking into the body, creating space, lengthening the ligaments and the fascia. Soft music, guided breathing. The perfect stress-relieving and meditative experience!

Is yoga good for building strength?

Yes! Your body becomes more resilient. You will build strength, endurance and at the same time burn fat to create lean muscle mass.


Do you have any tips for my first class?
  • Give yourself plenty of time to find the studio, park, check in and set your mat up for class so that you can enjoy a couple of minutes on your mat before class begins. Most importantly, make sure that you are well hydrated, and haven’t eaten anything  in the 2 hours prior to class. Everyone is different, but an empty stomach is always best if you are about to move your body! Be kind to yourself in your first few classes, listen, look in the mirror and move your body with the words. Breathe by your nose and do as much as you can. Remember that everybody starts somewhere.
  • Breathe through the nose throughout the class
  • Sit down if you get out of breath or feel a bit dizzy. Join back in once you can close the mouth and breathe through the nose again.
  • Work to the level you’re comfortable with, watch your ego – never work into pain
  • Your practice should be challenging, sometimes expereiences to de-stress can be stressful themselves
  • Work to your edge but not to a state of overwhelm
  • Stay in the studio for the whole class, just sit down whenever you need to – if you’re new to the heat you will acclimatise over the course of a few classes – being able to work in heat is the sign of a healthy body!
What ages can practice Hot Yoga?


  • All people under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by parents on file.
  • Children 6-11yrs old,  may only participate in classes labeled “Kids Yoga” 
  • 12-14 yrs  may take Teen Titans, Yin, last half hour of 26/2, and must be accompanied by an adult
  • 16+  can take all classes as long as the have signed waiver by parent 
How often should I practice?

Come Once a week, it’s a stretch

Come twice a week, it’s a workout

Come three times a week, things start to shift

Come four times a week, shit gets weird 

Come five times a week, magic happens.

How often you practice dictates the time needed to achieve your desired benefits.  The health benefits achieved through a committed practice  are similar to compounding interest. For example, the more you save your money in the bank it begins to collect interest and then that interest begins to collect more interest, see what we mean there. The more you practice your benefits start to compound and build off each other. The question is not  will you achieve your desired results, it’s how long will it take. Simply put, the more you come the less time it takes.

How should I prepare for class?
  • HYDRATION: When you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.
  • In order to stay properly hydrated when beginning a hot yoga practice, it is recommended that students drink half their body weight in ounces daily. If you weigh 150 lbs you should drink 75 ounces of water in a 24 hour period. Adding electrolytes is helpful. It takes 24 hours for the water you drink to be fully absorbed into your cells so hydration happens well before ever stepping into the room. Hydration happens before and after class, not during. Drinking water in class only settles the mind and upsets the belly. 
  • When practicing we take the first water break in the 26/2 class together after Eagle, the instructor will cue it. There are no other official water breaks, if you need water take a sip, but please do it after the second set and not while other people are holding a posture. 
  • We recommend not to eat a heavy meal in the 1.5 hours before class so your stomach is not full.
  • If you have any questions about the class please ask at reception or talk to the teacher beforehand.
  • Tell the teacher if you have any injuries before class or when they ask at the start of class. Never work into pain.
What should I bring to class?

All you need to bring is appropriate yoga clothes and a water bottle. That’s it!

What should I wear?
  • 26/2 is important for the student and the instructor to see the body We know this can feel really strange in the beginning, but the person next to you has no idea what you are wearing they are so in tune to their own practice. We strongly recommend:
  • Women – hot yoga shorts and a sports or bra top
  • Men – shorts without a shirt
  • Avoid bulky clothing as you will be sweating! Please do not wear underwear as yoga clothing.
  • All our classes practised with bare feet.
  • All other classes: Leggings, shirt etc.
  • Yin: comfy cozy clothes and bring socks non heated
What if I don’t like the heat?

Take your time to acclimate yourself and make sure you are well hydrated. You may find that it takes you a few classes to adjust to the heat and humidity in the room. If you gave it your best shot, don’t worry – we also have non-heated classes! Join us for Yin.

Do I need to be flexible or fit to practice?

Nope! Everyone and anyone can benefit from this yoga. If you are looking for increased flexibility and fitness you will find it in the yoga. No previous experience necessary.

Anatomy & Health

Why is my health a priority not a luxury?

“If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.”

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

You can’t take care of those you love if you don’t take care of yourself.

You have no idea how good you are supposed to feel. Don’t accept, pain, physical, mental or otherwise as a life sentence. There is always a path to healing. We will help you find it.

What if I am pregnant or trying to get pregnant?

Always consult with your physician, but most women can practice 26/2 hot yoga when they are pregnant. A regular 26/2 hot yoga practice can make your pregnancy, labor, and post-partum easier than you expect.  Learning how to breathe when you are in an uncomfortable position in the yoga studio can be an invaluable tool in the labor room! In this practice, there is no impact to mother and child, and lower back pain often decreases while abdominal strength increases. If you’ve never tried Hot yoga, wait until the end of your first trimester to start. If you have a regular practice and a doctor’s approval, keep it up! There is no separate scheduled pregnancy class but our teachers are trained to provide modifications and alternate poses for you during our beginning yoga class. We do recommend keeping your practice to 26/2 hatha yoga during this time. A great resource for you can be found here, Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga Guide

Brick and mortar

How does Jtown keep the studio’s 5 Star cleanliness rating?

Check out our  GOOGLE reviews 

We take CLEAN seriously, with a stunning attention to detail we exceed your expectations. 

The health and safety of staff and students is our number one priority.

Just a few of the ways we are leaders in cleanliness! 

  • Mat and towel service, read more here about it below! 
  • Sanitization of all equipment using EPA approved products and UV technology 
  • Utilization of  UV/HYDROXYLS  on our HVAC systems
  • Utilization of UV technology within each hotroom between classes. 
  • Staff trained for proper sanitization of studio and equipment 
  • Hand sanitizing stations

Fantastic news, Jtown is going to do the heavy lifting for you. 

  • Practice on clean, UV sterilized equipment 
  • No more towel and mat maintenance at home 
  • Bring less, worry less

  Jtown has invested in top of the line, Manduka mats 

  • Made with a closed-cell surface to keep moisture and sweat from seeping into the mat and breeding bacteria (ideal for hot yoga). 
  • High-density cushion for unparalleled experience, joint protection. 
  • Fabric-like surface finish for optimal movement between poses. 
  • Supporting Green Initiatives: Manduka uses emissions-free manufacturing.  

Through the covid experience we believe our systems in place will ensure all equipment used in the studio is properly cleaned, sterilized and ran through our UV cleaning machines. These measures will allow us to ensure we are properly staffed to exceed your expectations in cleanliness,  safety, care, and professionalism.  

Can I get a sneak peak inside? 

 Maybe 😉 Coming soon.

Do you have showers?

But of course we do, we are Shangri-la! (although shower use is suspended during Phase 1 of reopening.)

Does Jtown have parking?

Jenkintown Location & Parking

The awesome game of “Let’s find a parking spot.” Actually, there is a tremendous amount of parking available on the streets surrounding the studio.  Please note the closest street with parking is Johnson street, directly behind the studio. Entrance to the studio is from Johnson Street. Enter 405 Johnson Street Jenkintown, PA 19046 into your GPS to find the back entrance and closest available street parking. *The 611 entrance to the studio is closed as it enters directly into the hot room. *Metered parking allows for up to 3 hours or more, plenty of time to get your sweat on. Just bring your quarters! Once class starts latecomers will be unable to get in please allow enough time to arrive before class and be settled and ready to begin on time.

Manayunk Location & Parking 

Jtown Hot Yoga is located on Levering Street, directly off Main Street in Manayunk. We are housed on the first floor of the former Propper Brothers Furniture Building. Students may park for free on the streets near the studio, or choose to park in the lot located exactly next to the studio. The parking lot carries a small fee of $2.50 per hour. However, the parking lot is free on weekday early mornings, feel free to park there during our 6am classes. We are conveniently located on the same block as the SEPTA Regional Rail Manayunk stop.  Entrance to the studio is through double wooden doors on Levering Street, and the studio doors are usually open for about 30 minutes before and after each scheduled class, and remains open for 30 minutes after the class. Please be aware that if you are running late, you run the risk of the doors being locked on arrival.

Maple Shade Location & Parking

Jtown hot yoga is located at 300 S. Lenola Road, in the King’s Highway Plaza on the border or Maple Shade and Moorestown NJ. Located in the Acme shopping center, Ample free parking is available.

Where is Jtown?


One of a kind spaces, in three awesome locations. 

Jenkintown  | 406 Old York Rd, Jenkintown, PA 1904

Manayunk  | 115 Levering St, Philadelphia, PA 19127

Maple Shade  | 300 S Lenola Rd, Maple Shade Township, NJ 08052

Home Sweet Home, Hotel, Motel, even the Holiday Inn, basically anywhere with a signal:

 JTOWN ON DEMAND/ 365 days a year, 24/7


What are changes I should be aware of?

Students must preregister online via website or mindbody app. Reservations can not be cancelled or added via phone, text or email.

If your autopay is declined for any reason there is a $10 service charge, to cover bank charges. Please be diligent of expiry on cc etc.

The Ultimate memberships will include mat rental service. There will no longer be freeze options on annuals or autopays. Membership auto pays can be cancelled with a strict 30 day notice in writing to info@jtownhotyoga.com Accounts can not be changed at the desk, via text, or phone.

The 10 class card is an autopay that autorenews for another 10 classes when you use your last class. This auto pay can be cancelled at any time online. New class cards have a 6 month expiry.

Now offering Jtown On Demand $39 monthly. The following memberships recieve a discount, The Ultimate, The Dirty Dozen, and The Crazy Eights.

What is Jtown’s late cancellation & late arrival policy?

We must do our best to provide openings for classes for all of our members. For the best experience for you, and for the other students, class starts on time and Jtown enforces a strict Late Arrival Policy.

If you have reserved your place in a Jtown class and fail to cancel within 2 hours of the start time, you will be charged and/or forfeit a session for the class.

You must cancel your reservation online only, we can not accept cancellations, via, text, phone, email etc.

Students will not be able to enter class once it has started.

Please be advised that if you are a using a class card package, a late cancellation will result in the loss of a class. If you are an auto-paying member, a late cancellation will result in a late cancel fee of $20.

What kind of membership package is right for me?

People often ask us what plan is best for them. The first question we respond with is, “What are you looking to get out of a yoga practice?” With this answer we can then guide you to the best place for your individual needs.  If your intention is to heal pain or old injuries, lose weight, sleep better, relieve stress then the magic number of visits is 3-4 times per week. This puts most people on our Unlimited or Annual  Plan. Occasionally someone knows that due to schedule limitations perhaps once a week is all they can manage at this time. In this case we recommend our Maintenance Plan or our 10 Pack.

The truth of the matter is that health, wellness, fitness is a habit, and it only works if you commit. You will gain the most incredible life changing benefits with a regular practice. Often people dip their toes in, and over time feel more open to practicing more. However within the first 30 days of a committed practice you just know that this is something that will transform your life, all you have to do is step on your mat. This is why the Ultimate plan has you covered. As an added benefit you can put it on hold or cancel it with 30 days notice. You feel confident knowing that you have full control over your plan, your schedule and your wallet.

We know you will love everything we have to offer at Jtown Hot Yoga.  If you ever need a break from the heat, we even offer non heated and restorative classes too! Be sure to check out our class descriptions for more info. All memberships auto-renew. Opt out anytime with 30 days written notice.

How do I access and manage my mindbody account?

Download the MindBody App. A Mindbody account is automatically created when you create an account in the Mindbody app, branded app, or  consumer site. If you have used any of these apps in the past, then you already have an account. 

Note: Clients who have a Mindbody account can also use their account management portal to view and edit the information associated with their universal account.

Please visit here for more information. https://support.mindbody.io/s/topic/0TO0e000000AKI9GAO/managing-your-account

How do I get my member discount for On Demand?

You’ll receive the current promo code in your monthly autopay receipts. Simply update your On Demand account with the new promo code to maintain your discount.

How do I view my upcoming booking or cancel a class?
  1. Tap the Menu icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Select the Classes section of your app.
  3. Choose the class you’d like to reserve.

  4. Tap Book Class to reserve your spot.

Adding calendar reminders

After booking your class, tap Add Reminder and the app will add your booking to your phone’s calendar.

Booking recurring classes

You can also book multiple classes by tapping the Book Multiple button.

Running late? If you can’t make your regular class or think you’ll miss your scheduled appointment, you can cancel your reservation directly from the app.

  1. Tap the Menu icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Select My Classes or My Appointments from the main menu.
  3. Choose an upcoming service you’ve scheduled.

    User-added image
  1. Tap the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen.User-added image

After you click “Cancel Booking,” you will receive a pop-up to confirm cancellation, “ATTENTION! Do you really want to cancel Advanced Yoga?” You will have two options: Cancel and OK. Be sure to click OK to go through with confirming the cancellation. If you click Cancel, it will actually cancel the request altogether. If you will be charged for your cancellation, the app will warn you beforehand.

User-added image

Jtown does charge a late cancellation fee for the missed class or appointment. They will be able to answer questions concerning attendance and their cancellation policies.

What happens if I forgot my password?

You can reset your password on the web by visiting https://account.mindbodyonline.com/login, or directly from the Mindbody app and Mindbody.

  1. On the sign-in screen, select Continue with Email.
  2. Type in your email, then tap Next.
  3. Select Forgot Password?
  4. Enter your email, then tap Retrieve Password.

 How to reset your Mindbody sword using Mindbody.io

  1. Select Login on the top right.
  2. Select Forgot Password?
  3. Enter your email address and select Reset Password.

Things to know

  1. Password reset emails expire after 24 hours.
  2. Passwords must be 8 – 30 characters, include an uppercase and lowercase letter, and use a number or special character.
How do I cancel my membership?

While all memberships are non-refundable, we do aim to please. We understand that life is ever changing so we made it easy.  Visit our terms and conditions page to fill out a request to cancel. All memberships require a 30 day cancellation notice, received in writing 30 days prior to the next billing date. Include why you are leaving and always feel free to provide feed-forward information. 

Membership Terms and conditions, &  cancellation forms 

You may cancel “The Tens” 10 class card online at any time, via your mindbody account.

Where do I find Jtown’s Terms and Conditions?
How do I update my credit card?

Login to your mindbody account and update in your client profile.